Alten Fjord Map

The map of Alten Fjord.

Alten Fjord is a Norwegian fjord located somewhere along the extensive western Norwegian coastline.

Geographical informationEdit

Alten Fjord is located deep into a section of cliff rock face along the Norwegian coast. The fjord is relatively deep, capable of harboring one of the largest European battleships at the time. The fjord has a narrow neck, which is the only entry point. There is a local fishing village somewhere in the area near the fjord.

Alten Fjord provided perfect cover for of the German Navy's finest warships, the Tirpitz, a Bismarck-class battleship, and only surviving member of the class. Some time in 1943, the Tirpitz, accompanied by the minesweeper Olaf, entered Alten Fjord. These movements were detected by the Royal Navy, and an SAS team was dispatched to the fjord.


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