Flag of Burma

The national flag of Burma.

Burma is a country located in the southern Far East. It is north of Singapore and Malaysia, and west of Thailand. Burma is now known as Myanmar.

Geographical informationEdit

Burma is a broad, heavily forested country with plenty of mountains and rivers spread out across rugged highlands. Burma is hot and humid, and subject to heavy monsoons during the spring and summer, and long dry periods during the winter. Burma is located in very strategically important position between the West and China, and is commonly referred to as the "Burma Road". The Americans require this area to be able to equip airbases in China to bomb the Japanese homeland, and the Chinese Allies are in need of supplies, making Burma's geographical position all the more important.

Historical informationEdit

Burma has been a British colony since the late 18th Century. In May 1942, the Japanese overran the British colonial defenses and captured the country. As of July 1943, there has been no serious planning put into recapturing Burma, and the Allies are not completely certain as to what are the Japanese developments in the country's interior.

Notable locationsEdit