Colt M1911 (Stamsund)
Colt M1911
Production Information




Technical Specifications

1,106 grams


11.43 mm (.45 inch)

Magazine capacity



30 yards

Muzzle velocity

251 meters per second

Year introduced


Used by

United States

"That's a Colt 1911 on the table"
Instructor Blair during weapons training[src]

The Colt M1911, commonly refered to as the Colt .45, Colt 1911 or Colt model 1911 is an automatic handgun available in Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2.


The Colt weighs 1.1 kilograms, making it a heavy side arm. It fires the powerful .45 inch ACP round and is capable of stopping a target dead in it's tracks if used correctly. Due it's short recoil system and large caliber, it can be difficult to control, yet is ideal for close quarters combat. It's seven shot magazine clip can easily be reloaded and interchanged with that of the De Lisle Commando Carbine. Like most pistol of it's time, the Colt is not very effective at long range, yet remains a preferred side arm.


The Colt came into design in late 1906, when US Army troops began to seek a more powerful .45 caliber substitute for their current, weak .38 caliber revolvers. John M. Browning, who had recently begun designing automatic pistols for the Colt company, developed the the design that went on to become the Colt M1911. His initial designs were adopted under the M1911 moniker, and later was mass produced in millions by Colt, Remington, Savage, Springfield and others. The Colt soon became the most popular handgun in the US Army, and was carried by officers and enlisted men alike, and soon made it's way into the Royal Army. Many foreign versions of the Colt appeared around the world, such as the Norwegian Colt 1914 and British used Argentinian Ballester-Molina.

In GameEdit

Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit

The Colt first appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2 during the tutorial. It can be found on the table in first room of the firing range next to the Enfield revolver. The colt also appears during Operation Overlord - Blade Dancer, and can be found on the ground near the dead US sniper in the square in front of the bank.


Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit