Flag of Czechoslovakia

The national flag of Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia is central European country located between Germany, Austria and Hungary. It was one of the very first countries to fall to the Reich.

Geographical informationEdit

Czechoslovakia is dominated by forest, plains, plateaus and rolling hills, and enjoys cool summers, but wet winters. The country is strategically located between Germany and Austria and is one of the most important land routes through central Europe, making it an early target for Hitler. Many towns and cities are located across the country, making the population rather dense, but in this time of war, most of civilian population has either moved away or been arrested by the German authorities on account of race or ethnic group.

Societal informationEdit

Czechoslovakia is one of the heavily slavized central European countries such as Yugoslavia, Poland, and Bulgaria. Many of it's citizens are slavic or Jewish, making them a target of ethnic and racial abuse by Nazi ideologists, and many have been rounded up and taken to concentration and labor camps. There is also a strong Germanic population in Czechoslovakia, which, naturally, received well treatment by the invading German forces. Despite this, the majority of Czechs citizens have been displaced by the Germans, most have left the country or joined the underground resistance.

Political informationEdit

Czechoslovakia was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but has been independant since 1918. Due to it's strategic importance and geographical location, Czechoslovakia was an obvious early target for Germany. The Czechs army stood absolutely no chance stopping the coming invasion, and the only countries willing to assist Czechoslovakia were France and the Soviet Union, but both were prevented from doing so by Poland and Romania. In 1938, in an attempt to end the German threat, the Czechs government hand over the German populated Sudetenland region. A mere six months passed, and under the threat of a devastating invasion, the Czechs government surrendered the rest of the country without a shot being fired. Czechoslovakia has remained under German control since then, but as the war in Europe draws to a close, reports have been received that Czechs citizens, backed by the Soviet Union, have risen up against the remaining German force in the country.

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