Bunker (Sumava)

The bunker.

The Czechs frontier bunker is a defensive fortified bunker located along the Bohemian-Hungarian border among the trees of the Sumava Forest in Czechoslovakia.


The bunker is typical of modern central European fortifications. It features stel reinforced concrete walls which are shaped into rounds on either side of the face of the bunker, providing maximum absorbtion and deflection defenses. A large cargo and vehicle door is located at the center of the bunkers face, with a smaller entrance located to the side. A trench lined with razor barbed wire, and a single crossing which is covered by three heavy machine guns built into the bunker as well as heavier FlaK 38 cannons. A hole has been blasted through the roof of the bunkers forward section allowing access to the roof via ladder, providing further positions for snipers. The bunker is built into a hill of the Sumava Forest, and is surrounded by large European pine trees. The bunker overlooks a German camp further down the hill, which is also covered by cannons and machine guns and ringed with razor wire.

This bunker is one of the very last German strongholds, and is under the command of Colonel von Clausen and his crack [[Waffen-SS] unit, which is determined hold it's defensive positions and protect stolen valuables locked up in the bunker. Furthermore, von Clausen is in current possession of the fabled Von Clausen documents, which cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of Soviets, who closer to the bunker than any of the western Allies. Also, a German radio station is located near by under protection by an armored vehicle, and is broadcasting demoralizing messages to Allied troops in a vain attempt to turn the tide of the war. It would be helpful if station were to be disabled.