First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit.

The First Aid Kit is a vital item of equipment available in Hidden & Dangerous 2. It's primary purpose is for a player to heal themselves from wounds during a mission.


Essentially a combination of bandages and medications, the first aid kit is a simple and effective method of healing wounds in the field. All first aid kits are the same, and are carried by allied and enemy units alike. Each first aid kit carries only enough bandages and medications to use once. A longer lasting version of the first aid kit would be the Large First Aid Kit.


For a player to heal their character, simply select the first aid kit as one would select a weapon. The player's health will then be regenerated depending on the character's First Aid skill. Characters with high first aid skills will be able to use the first aid kit to best capability. To heal a friendly unit, interact with the unit and select first aid under the interaction menu. Also, the first aid kit can only be used by a player if it is in the character's pouches.

In the standard Hidden & Dangerous 2 game, after using a first aid kit, character health will immediately regenerate. Note that in Sabre Squadron, or if Patch V1.12 is installed, first aid will take a few moments to regenerate character health.