FlaK 38 (Daiburn)
FlaK 38
Production Information

Multi-purpose cannon

Technical Specifications

20 mm (.787 in)

Magazine capacity



5,360 yards

Muzzle velocity

800 meters per second



Year introduced


Used by
  • Germany
  • Italy

The FlaK 38 is a German anti-aircraft gun that appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2. It is one of the most deadly of weapons.


Firing 20 mm explosive shells from a twenty round magazine, the FlaK 38 can fire 480 shells per minute depending on how fast the loading crew works. Each shell fired explodes after reaching terminal velocity at 800 meters per second, generating a deadly burst of fragmented and razor sharp particles that will cut up aircraft or infantry alike. This powerful weapon is also effective against even armored vehicles, and is capable of knocking out a tank. The FlaK 38 is usually mounted on a tripod and left in a stationary position, but some models have been mounted on either wheeled or tracked vehicles, such as the Opel Blitz truck and a variety of German panzer vehicles. An even more powerful variant of FlaK 38 is the Flakvierling 38.


The FlaK 38 is an upgraded and improved version of the earlier 20 mm FlaK 30. It entered full scale production in 1934, and dominated the battlefields of Europe and the leading anti-aircraft and anti-infantry weapon during World War II. Despite being the ultimate anti-aircraft gun from 1939 to 1942, it began to pale in comparison to the Ally's 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns, as well as proving inefficient against the superior fighter/bombers of the United States. Despite this, the FlaK 38 was still used against infantry and remained in production until 1945.

In GameEdit

FlaK 38 (Hamada al-Hamra)

The FlaK 38 of a destroyed Opel Blitz T3.6S.

During Hidden & Dangerous 2, the FlaK 38 can first be found mounted on the back of the Opel Blitz truck parked behind the main airport building of the Abn-Sin-Oan Airport during Operation Nomad - Spaghetti Airport. Another FlaK can be encountered during the following mission, mounted on the back of a destroyed Opel Blitz truck among one of the destroyed German convoys. Several FlaKs can be found at the Daiburn Airport during Operation Nomad - Whiskey Bar, at various locations, including mounted on the back of another Opel Blitz truck.

During Operation Overlord - Lighthouse, several FlaK 38s can be found on the top floor of the Cousen Fortress as part of the anti-aircraft defense. During Operation Liberator - Final Show-Down, three FlaKs can be found in the Sumava Forest clearing near the Czechs frontier bunker, one near the razor wire overlooking the road approaching the German camp, and another two near the bunker itself.


  • Though a smaller caliber and capable of a much higher rate of fire, the effects of the shells fired by the FlaK 38 is the same as that of other cannons in Hidden & Dangerous 2.