Flag of France

The national flag of France.

France is a country located in western Europe. It borders on both Germany and Italy, as well as with Spain, which remains mostly uninvolved in the war.

Geographical informationEdit

France is subject to mild summers and cool winters, and has gentle rolling hills, open plains and beautiful coastlines. It features a central European landscape to the west and north, and a more Mediterranean one to the south. In the east of France is a very mountainous region where the Alps enter the country from Italy and Austria.

Political informationEdit

France was one of the countries to fall to the Reich earlier in the war. The remaining French administration was forced into a collaborationist government in the town of Vichy, giving birth to what is known as Vichy France. Since 1941, numerous commando raids have been carried out in France, but no serious attempt to liberate the country has been attempted until 1944, when the Allies plan to use Great Britain as a staging ground for Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy.

Notable locationsEdit