Union Jack (1939)

The national flag of Great Britain.

Great Britain, also known as the United Kingdom, is one of the principal countries in the alliance known as the Allies. It is a large island just off the French coast. This country has been holding out against the threat of German invasion since 1940.

Geographical informationEdit

Great Britain is the main island that makes up the British Isles. The landscape of Great Britain varies over the different regions. From beautiful plains and towering cliff faces in the south, to lush green forests and valleys in central and northern England to the rocky and mountainous regions of the Highlands of Scotland. The lands of Great Britain also include that of Wales and Northern Ireland.

Political informationEdit

Great Britain features both a political prime minister and a monarch, who at this time is King George VI. The initial prime minister at the beginning of the War was Neville Chamberlin, but in 1940 he was replaced with the more charismatic Winston Churchill. The Royal Army and Royal Air Force battle the forces of the Axis on land and in the skies, while the Royal Navy protects the island's coastlines.

Notable locationsEdit