The Hidden & Dangerous 2 game box.

"The definitive serious WWII game"
―PC Gamer[src]

Hidden & Dangerous 2 is the second installment in the Hidden & Dangerous series. It was the second Hidden & Dangerous title in the Hidden & Dangerous series of tactical first person shooters.


Hidden & Dangerous 2, like it's predecessor, places the player in ranks of the elite SAS, and allows players to carry out some of the most difficult missions conducted by the SAS during World War II, taking players to various exotic destinations around the world, such as Norway, Tunisia, Burma, the Alps, and Czechoslovakia. While most of the game content is historically accurate, certain liberties have been taking to make the game more playable, such as fictional characters and mission objectives, as well as introducing certain weapons prior to their actual historical date of production.


Hidden & Dangerous 2 was released to a positive reception by the gaming community, and received good ratings on the GameRankings and Metacritic reviews, receiving 79.97% and 75% respectively based on samples of 36 and 26 reviews.


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