KwK 42 (Panther)
KwK 42 L/70
Production Information

Tank cannon

Technical Specifications

13.20 tons


75 mm

Magazine capacity


Muzzle velocity

773 m/s (2,536 ft/s)

Year introduced


Used by


The KwK 42 L/70 was a high velocity tank cannon that appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2. It was primarily used on the Panzer V Panther.


The L/70 gun was an improved version of the older KwK 40 gun mounted on the smaller Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks. It had longer barrel that required a special gun rest on the tank to support the barrel while not in use. The L/70 gun weighed about 13.20 tons, roughly the same as that of the KwK 36 which was mounted on the Panzer VI Tiger. It had an improved breach system that allowed for faster reloading and firing, as well as a highly improved optical gun sight. The L/70 could fire 75 mm armor piercing or high explosive shells at a high velocity of 773 meters per second. It was primarily designed to be mounted on the new Panzer V Panther medium tank. It was placed in a gun mantlet on the front of the turret coaxally with a machine gun.


The L/70 gun was developed in 1942 from the PaK 42 anti-tank gun, following the request for a suitable main weapon to mount on the Panzer V Panther medium tank design. The L/70 became a very famous weapon among German tank forces and well known for it's reputation to be able to kill any Allied tank, including the Soviet T-34 at incredible range. Some models of the L/70 where even mounted on the older Panzer IV medium tanks.

In GameEdit

The KwK 42 can be found mounted in the turret position of the Panzer V Panther parked near the German radio station in the Sumava Forest during Operation Liberator - Final Show-Down.


  • Despite being the acclaimed superior tank cannon as it was in real life, in Hidden & Dangerous 2, the KwK 42 has the same range and effect as the other tank cannons in the game.