Luger P08 (Underground Labs 2)
Luger P08
Production Information


Technical Specifications

965 grams


9 x 19 mm Luger/Parabellum

Magazine capacity



50 to 55 yards

Muzzle velocity

351 meters per second

Year introduced


Used by
  • Germany
  • Italy
"Si vis Pacem, Parabellum (translate: If you want peace, prepare for war.)"
―Latin quote from which the name Parabellum was derived.[src]

The Luger P08, also known as the Parabellum P08, is a pistol used by Germany and Italy in Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2.


The Luger is a powerful and effective handgun. Generally used by officers, it is an ideal sidearm and arguably the best in Hidden & Dangerous 2, unlike it's true, real life weakness. The Luger can fire 9 x 19 mm Luger/Parabellum rounds from an eight round magazine clip and has the fastest rate of fire than any other handgun in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


Luger P08 (Underground Labs)

Holding the Luger P08.

The Luger P08 was advanced version of Luger P00, an earlier and smaller handgun adopted by the German Navy. A more powerful and larger version was needed for the Army, and the P08 was the result. Despite the weapon being relatively outdated, it saw a great deal of use in World War II, and completely replaced the Luger P00, even in the Navy.

In GameEdit

Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit

Lugers are carried by most German and Italian officers, but not usually by regular troops. They can also be found at certain locations, namely the table in the munitions room in the underground facility during Operation Snowball - Scout, and on the desk in the Italian Officer's office during Operation Nomad - Spaghetti Airport.



Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit