75 mm - Sherman (Maymyo 2)
M3 Tank Cannon
Production Information

Tank cannon

Technical Specifications

75 mm (2.9 inch)

Year introduced


Used by

The M3 Tank Cannon is a tank cannon that appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


The M3 is a light cannon, featuring a shorter barrel than most other guns of the same caliber. It fires 75 mm shells and primarily mounted on the M4A2 Sherman medium tank. While this weapon is usually incapable of destroying the heavier German tanks such as the Panther and the Tiger, it can fair well against smaller German, Italian and Japanese tanks, though it is best used in an infantry support role.


The M3 was specifically developed for the M4 Sherman, however, an older 75 mm gun design which was originally used on the General Grant medium tanks was specified for the M4 and M4A1 Shermans due to production issues. In 1942, with the development of the M4A2 Sherman saw the completion of the M3 Tank Cannon design, which became the primary American and British tank design until being replaced in US units by the 76.2 mm M1 and in British units the 77 mm 17-pounder gun.

In GameEdit

The M3 can be found mounted in the turret position of the M4A2 Sherman tank during Operation Stranger - Mountain King and Operation Overlord - Blade Dancer, as well as in the Hidden & Dangerous 2 multiplayer.