Marolles is a small French town located in northern Normandy in France. It is the scene of heavy fighting between Allied forces and the German Waffen-SS.


A small industrial town, Marolles has a small factory and production plant, that by now, have been destroyed during the heavy fighting in Normandy. A church and market place are located towards the east of the town, while the town center holds the bank and is surrounded by hotels, inns and cafes, all of which have been devastated by Allied bombing raids, and essentially ruins. Marolles is now devoid of inhabitants aside from the military personnel fighting to decided who will hold the town. The extensive ruins now provide perfect positions for snipers and machine guns.


A group of American paratroopers from the US 82nd Airborne Division that landed somewhere near Marolles on June 6 during the D-Day invasion, succeeded in infiltrating the town and have been holding out in the bank at the town center against a superior German force from the Luftwaffe's 17th Air Force Field Division under General Hoeckner's command. Allied aircraft continue to bomb the town in hopes of driving the Germans out, but intelligence reveals that elements of a German Waffen-SS panzer division are closing in on Marolles to reinforce the Luftwaffe troops, and eject the Americans. Allied command have decided that sacrificing Marolles is not an option, and have dispatched an SAS team to assist the American paratroopers in holding out until armored support arrives.