Flag of Norway

The national flag of Norway.

Norway is country located in the northwest part of continental Europe. Norway is one of the four countries that for the area of Europe known as Scandinavia, along with Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Geographical informationEdit

Norway is located to the north of Denmark and Germany and west of Sweden. The country stretches from far north right down to the strait between the Baltic and North Seas. Norway has thousands of kilometers of coastline with many small nearby islands, fjords and icebergs. Numerous ports also run along the coast. Norway produces plenty of metal ore, making it one of the most valuable countries for the manufacture of ships and vehicles. Norway also has plenty of oil, further increasing it's value for the production of fuels. Norway's terrain is very mountainous with many fertile valleys in summer. In winter, much of the surface of Norway becomes glaciated, covered with heavy snow and ice.

Societal informationEdit

The Norwegian population is quite and unintrusive. Much of the rural areas are the locations of small villages. The people of Norway are very unsettled under German occupation.

Political informationEdit

Norway is not only a geographically important country in terms of ore and oil, but also in that it's immense coastline makes it vitally important to the German Navy for their operations into the North Sea and the Atlantic. Norway initially adopted a neutral stance at the outbreak of war in September 1939. In fear of invasion, a defense force was rapidly assembled later in 1940, but by the time Adolf Hitler ordered his Wehrmacht to conquer the country, the traitorous Norwegian Foreign Minister, Vidkun Quisling, had convinced the Norwegian government to disband the force, and therefor by April 1940, the tiny Norwegian Army was completely unprepared. Despite this, the Norwegian troops fought valiantly with the assistance of Great Britain and France, and once even drove the Germans from the port of Narvik. But the cause was hopeless, and on June 9, 1940, the Norwegian government signed an armistice with Germany. Despite being under tight German control, many Norwegian soldiers were evacuated to England, and some even stayed behind and now fight with underground Norwegian Resistance.

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