Opel Blitz (Daiburn)
Opel Blitz T3.6S
Production information



Multi-purpose truck

Technical specifications

5.55 meters


2.15 meters


1.96 meters


3.3 tons


85 kph








5 to 7

  • Troop transport
  • Logistics vehicle
  • Germany
  • Japan

The Opel Blitz T3.6S is general purpose truck in the German Army, and the most common German vehicle in Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2.


Measuring 5.55 meters long and weighing 3,300 kilograms, the Opel Blitz is a heavy multi use transport vehicle of the German army. While it may posses no armor or armament, defensive or otherwise, it can reach speeds of up to eighty-five kilometers per hour. The Opel Blitz usually has an enclosed cargo bed for carrying troops or supplies, but an open cargo bed version allows the Blitz to carry even heavy equipment and other smaller vehicles. A second variant even mounts an anti-aircraft gun.


The Blitz was originally designed as civilian vehicle before the war, but as the German Army came into need of a tough and reliable transport vehicle, the Blitz was upgraded and the T3.6S model entered service with the German Army. Since then, it has been used by most military formations of the Wehrmacht, including the Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS.

In GameEdit

Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit

The Opel Blitz first appears during Operation Snowball - First Strike, near the road junction turning down to the German research facility. The truck is loaded with explosives, and appears to be bogged down on the side of the road. The crew are attempting the free the truck from the mud and snow. The Opel Blitz appears again during Operation Snowball - Rendezvous. The first truck is parked near to the road along the return route to the cottage. A single German soldier is near the truck, and another three somewhere nearby. Once the pilot has been located, a second truck will appear near to where the first was encountered. It is driving along the road and is fully occupied by German troops.

The wreckage of several Opel Blitzs can be found along the Hamada al-Hamra road during Operation Nomad - Air Show. During Operation Nomad - Guests, another Opel Blitz can be found parked inside the Banhira Oasis, undergoing repairs. During the following mission that night, the truck is still parked in the oasis. Protecting this vehicle is one of the objectives for the mission, however, if it is destroyed, another Opel Blitz truck can be acquired from the approaching German forces. At the Daiburn Airport during Operation Nomad - Whiskey Bar, an Opel Blitz truck can be found parked in the store house at the start of the mission. A second truck, this one featuring an open load bed can be found undergoing repairs at the vehicle workshop. It cannot be operated.

Three Opel Blitz trucks appear in the opening cinematic for Operation Stranger - Anthill, but do not actually appear during the mission.

Two Opel Blitz trucks appear during Operation Challenger - Babes In The Woods, the first can be encountered delivering supplies to a machine gun post long the road through the forest. The second can be found parked next to the house at the other end of the forest. A single truck appears during the following mission, parked in the courtyard of Adler Castle. It is inoperable.

Three Opel Blitzs appear during Operation Liberator - Billable Entry. The first can be encountered near the railway crossing, being driven by the Truck Driver, who will abandon the truck and flee at the first signs of hostility. Another truck can be found parked behind the main train station building. It appears to be carrying troops. The third truck can be found parked next to a cargo platform on the far side of the station tracks. It is stationary, but a German soldier is in the driver's seat. During Operation Liberator - Business, another Opel Blitz can be encountered carrying German troops into the saw mill opposite the Villa Lhota. The final appearance of the Opel Blitz is during Operation Liberator - Gin Send-Off. During the first phase of the mission, three trucks can be found parked along the side of the road past the German stores in the village. During the second phase, a fourth Opel Blitz can found parked in one of the roads towards the end of the main village road.


Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit


Hidden & Dangerous 2Edit

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