Operation Snowball - First Strike is the first mission during the Arctic campaign of Hidden & Dangerous 2. The mission takes place on the Stamsund Island in Lofots of Norway, in the middle of a snow storm. The mission objectives are to locate and contact a local Norwegian resistance fighter, Sygurd Vesaah, who will lead the player to the German research facility located on the eastern side of the island. Once there, the facility complex will have to be secured before the operation can continue.

Objectives Edit

  • Find and follow the guide - he has to stay alive

Sygurd Vesaah is the guide waiting for the player at the easternmost part of the forest south of the swamp (marked with a blue X on the map). Depending on the player's conduct, he will choose the safest route to the complex. If no noise was heard, the guide will lead through the marsh, but if the player acted in a loud manner, Sygurd will opt for the route along the road. It is vital to keep him alive, as he will play a key role in the third mission.

  • Destroy the truck with the explosives (optional)

On the road going from south to north, a truck is being loaded by two soldiers. Apart from them, there are two more soldiers around - one behind the wheel and the other west of the truck. The vehicle has to be destroyed before the soldiers finish loading it up. The weak spot is the trunk, where all the explosives are placed. The noise accompanying the explosion is not heard by the guards stationed in the nearby factory.

  • Kill the enemy in the complex
  • Find the entrance to the undergroud