Stamsund Island Map

Map of the Stamsund Island.

Stamsund Island is an island in Lofots of Norway. It is a large island with three towns and a port.

Geographical informationEdit

Like most of the other island in the Lofots, Stamsund is mostly hard, rocky terrain, covered with large patches of European pine trees and large rock formations, and marshes. During winter, much of the island is covered with snow, concealing the rocky ground. A miniature fjord is located to the northeast of the island. A large marsh is located towards the center northeast of the island.

Societal informationEdit

Stamsund Island has a small fishing community located at the various points of the island. Stamsund is largest town, located to the southeast, and features a port. All of the towns on the island are connected by roads, which are now used by the Germans as a means of logistics for their operations around the island. Since the German take over, the society of Stamsund has been quiet, much of the populace being used for forced labor to construct a secret German facility there. Most of the community secretly serve in the underground Norwegian Resistance.

Notable locationsEdit


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