Sumava Map

The map of the Sumava Forest.

The Sumava Forest is forested area of Bohemia in Czechoslovakia. This densely location is the home to many Czechs frontier bunkers, some dating back to early 1900s.

Geographical informationEdit

The Sumava Forest features mostly large European pine trees, some of which are centuries old. Many areas of the forest have been cleared of trees for the construction of frontier bunkers, most of which are former Austro-Hungarian structures, but some are newer, built by the Cezhs following their independance. These bunkers have since been taken over by the German military and used as defensive positions facing eastern Europe. One of these such bunkers has been recently taken over by Colonel von Clausen who is using it to store stolen valuables and make a last stand against the advancing Allied armies. Von Clausen possess some top secret German documents, which have been only rumored to exist. It is imperetive that these fall into American of British hands, and that of the Soviets.

Notable locationsEdit