Tank Machine Gun - Sherman (Maymyo)
Tank Machine Gun - Sherman
Production Information

Heavy machine gun

Technical Specifications

7.62 mm

Magazine capacity


Year introduced


Used by

The Tank Machine Gun - Sherman is a heavy tank mounted machine gun that appears in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


M4A2 Sherman machine gun (Coord. 170)

The sights of the machine gun.

The machine gun is mounted in a forward facing position in the hull of the M4A2 Sherman medium tank. Like the machine gun mounted coaxilly with main gun, it fires 7.62 mm rounds from a 250-round box magazine. The machine gun is the Sherman's primary defense against infantry, especially so since the Sherman is rather vulnerable to grenades and other infantry weapons. In some cases, the two internally mounted machine guns can be complemented by an externally mounted 12.7 mm machine gun, however, this feature is not used on every Sherman tank. The machine gun features an optical telescopic sight for increased accuracy and effective range.

In GameEdit

The machine gun can be found mounted in the forward hull position of the M4A2 Sherman tank during Operation Stranger - Mountain King and Operation Overlord - Blade Dancer in Hidden & Dangerous 2.


  • The machine gun on the Sherman is actually the Browning M1919A4, even though it sounds and appears to the same as the machine guns on the German tanks.