Flag of Tunisia

The national flag of Tunisia since 1959.

Tunisia is one of the countries that make up North Africa. Tunisia is located between Algeria and Libya, and has the Mediterranean Sea surrounding it to the north and east. Tunisia is the sight of heavy fighting against Axis forces in Africa.

Geographical informationEdit

Light most of the rest of North Africa, Tunisia features Mediterranean style ports and harbors, with a more Middle Eastern inland terrain of barren deserts and canyons. There is little life in the remote areas of the country, with most of populace dwelling in cities and towns due to the fact that the open desert offers little shade from the blazing sun and little cover from the blowing sands.

Societal informationEdit

The inhabitants of Tunisia are mostly Islamic, and show little partiality to either the Allies or the Axis. German and Italian commanders have succeeded in creating a good relation to the populace, meaning they should receive relatively good cooperation.

Historical informationEdit

Tunisia was formerly a French colony, but following the Italian invasion the French have been ejected from the country. After Allied counterattacks throughout North Africa halted the advancing Italians, and began to push them back, Hitler answered Mussolini's call for help and dispatched General Erwin Rommel, also known as the "Desert Fox", to clean up the mess left by the Italians. Rommel landed at Tripoli and rapidly advanced as far as Tobruk, where Allied forces were finally able to check his advance. Since November 1942, General Bernard Montgomery has been able to push Rommel back following his recent defeat at the battle of El Alamein in Egypt. Several German and Italian units are still operational in Tunisia, and may be even planning a counterattack against Allied forces, but the tide in Africa has turned.

Notable locationsEdit